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Handmade Unique Vintage Journaling Card Collection | Type Printing | Tin Box

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These premium die cut printed cards were made with movable type printing press, which the images are transferred from movable type to cardboard, by means of ink dated from hundreds years ago. Such ancient printing technology provides these die cut card with embossed pattern, which modern digital printing is hard to achieve.

  •  Each style packing with tin container : 4.5’ x 6’ x1.5’ , Lace style with round tin
  • Size:

          LINA CAVALIER: 8 pcs; 5.5cm-14cm in length.

          Map: 9pcs; 4cm-9.6cm in length & [1920]: 9 pcs; 5cm-7.6cm

          Typewriter: 8 pcs; 5.5-13cm in length.

          Stationery Box: 11 pcs; 4.2-13cm in length

          Lace (sticker) : 22 pcs 5-9.5cm diameter 

  • Materials: 450g Handmade Cotton Paper 


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